That word gripped me this Sunday morning on the way to church. I was listening to the track by the same name ‘Wildfire’ on the new !Audacious album.

What do you associate off the top of your head with ‘wildfire’?

My first thoughts? Out of control, unrestrained, raging, fast, consuming, unpredictable, unrelenting, doesn’t let up…

And I knew. This coming Kingdomcity Conference… that word I’ve been asking God for? The word to define what I am expecting/will encounter from and at conference?


Consume me with a renewed passion for You and Your Kingdom. For Your children. For Your house.

A wildfire that is contagious. For our faith is not merely for ourselves. We are to be salt and light in this world. To run with the unique calling that You have deposited in each and every one of us.

A wildfire that will not be stopped. A wildfire that no one knows where it will spread to next.

A wildfire shut up inside our bones that we have to let out.

I’m so expectant & so excited. My heart is leaping inside of my chest. How about you?


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