God’s timing is perfect.

His Word always arrives when He chooses it to.

This morning, I felt like I needed to listen to Ps Paul Garner’s message on Hope in !Audacious Church’s #goodGod series a while back.

Link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Gk-2podK34


Paul talked about the 3 types of hope we experience: wishful hope (without basis), expectant hope (expecting an outcome based on what we do), and certain hope.

Certain hope.

Not an emotional or psychological response to a circumstance, but a deep-rooted theological response to what has been said in His Word.

Abram was given promises about land and family/descendants/nations. (There is a nation in each of us.) But he questioned those promises, because he can’t have children.

There seems to be a problem with the promise. God missed something?

I am thankful my God never misses a thing. He who cares for even the sparrows. He who numbers the hairs on my head. He whose thoughts towards me outnumber the grains of sand on the shore. How could He ever miss a thing?

I was reminded that what we see in the natural is different to the “things unseen” (as in Hebrews 11 – hope and faith).

All God is asking is: “Lean on me! Trust me! Rely on me!”


In the midst of hearing the message, I felt God speaking to me about a promise that He made before I came back to Singapore.

“Watch me fire you out like an arrow. Now is the pulling back of the bowstring, the storing of potential energy. Ready, fire, aim.”

An illustration from the past sprung to mind when Ps Glyn Barrett was speaking. That what we need to do is simple, just say yes and move forward step by step. It is just step after step of obedience as He lays the path beneath me. One foot in front of the other.


We need to focus on the Person – the One who made the promise.

Not focus on the promise itself. Not to take matters into our own hands, not to end up with our “Ishmael”s.

Sometimes things don’t look right, it looks messy/stormy/nothing like what we envisioned the promise to be. But trust in the One who made the promise, our Anchor in the storm. Trust the One who has the plan – He will lead us to the promise.

Just like in Matthew 7:24, He never promised storm-free. He promised storm-proof. (Something that Ps Matt always says heh.)



Just to end off, Paul said something that was so simple, yet so impactful.

I won’t lose hope,

Because I won’t lose Him.



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