I choose to praise.

I was listening back to Ps Glyn’s message at the start of !Audacious Conference 2015 about where the enemy camps in our lives.

And indeed, somewhere along the way, the enemy sneakily slipped in and camped in different areas of my life. Bit by bit, I ceded my “secret place” where I chose to set aside time to seek Him. I ceded my peace and my joy. I chose to be small. I questioned – ‘did God really say? Did God really speak those promises over my new era?’ It was a little bit harder to worship. It was a little bit harder to hear Him over the noise of the enemy.

But in His perfect timing, through Glyn’s preach… all is well.

I choose to worship.

I choose to praise. Because it’s true: praise is the precursor to breakthrough. I am but one moment away from my breakthrough.

Worship was never about me. I was never worthy.

It’s a response; a response to the One who is worthy.

The One who chose me first.

He DID say.

He DID speak those promises over me.

He DID call me out into a spacious place.

He DID bring me into a new era.

Even if the enemy plants those seeds of doubt or the world tries to overwhelm me with its shouts, the still small voice of my Father is right by my ear.

In you I am well pleased. I chose you. I love you.

The crucible for silver and the furnace for gold, but people are tested by their praise. (Proverbs 27:21 NIV)


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