I was in the secret place and a question popped into my head: “What would I actually ask God when I meet Him in heaven?”

I thought long and hard. And I realised I didn’t have anything I really wanted to ask. I know lots of people talk about how they want to ask why God let certain things happen, etc.

And then I thought… I just want to ask Him how much He loves me. Just because I want to hear it all for real. I know it’s written in the Bible. But imagine: standing face-to-face with the Father and having Him tell you the depths, widths, lengths of His love for you. That’d be amazing.

Little did I know…

A nagging feeling started to arise in my spirit. Why this question? Why do I really want to ask this question?

I’ve been watching a Korean variety show where they make celebrity dads (think: actors, MMA boxers) take care of their young child(ren) for 48h without mum around. The kids are cute and what happens is 50% hilarious, 50% heartwarming.

But today, God showed me why I truly enjoy it so much – I’ve missed making the same memories with my own dad.

I remember kicking a football around with him in a park. I remember watching football on the TV with him. I remember going about Clarke Quay with him as a kid, going to classes and buyingΒ stickers (I had a thing for collecting stickers as a kid lol). I remember family holidays to various countries – Australia, Korea etc. I remember school award ceremonies and he’d be there. I remember having to go to a friend’s funeral as a 14-year-old – and he went with me. …and so on.

And somewhere along the way, it just went wrong. I started to feel distant. I started to feel disappointment. I started to feel anger.

But I’m thankful that change has happened and is happening. I remember going to tour Old Trafford with him. I remember watching Manchester United play at Old Trafford together. I remember this Christmas break when we went for a day out walking. I remember when we had a nice little conversation then.

And I, I look forward to more. I want to make those memories. I want my memories with my dad to be filled with adventures together, with laughter, with good conversations, with love.

So… daddy, if you’re reading this, we will make those memories πŸ™‚

Back to the Father’s heart, He is one who carries me close to his heart (Isaiah 40:11).

Can’t you feel, the arms of the Father around you?

Can’t you feel, the love of the Father washing over you?

I am loved.

Indeed, I am loved.


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