Killing Lions. (30/1/2015)

Yesterday felt close to perfection. Woke up to a light dusting of snow and headed off to North Tea Power for breakfast – “eggies” (aka fried egg with harissa on sourdough toast) and a pineapple-y fruity Kilimanjaro Pulped Natural (El Salvador) roasted by Square Mile through the Aeropress. Polished them off along with the rest of the Intelligentsia issue of Magazine B – again, people, community and dreams.

Being early meant seeing the coffeeshop gradually start up. The playlist, the morning conversations, the coffee deliveries, people entering for breakfast, people in for a takeaway coffee, people chancing upon NTP and experiencing coffee brewed with care and precision for the first time… and so on.

Interludes of buzz and quiet and I settled down for a read. Killing Lions. J recommended it close to a hundred times and so here we are with the early part of yesterday.

There is a heart for revolution that is spoken about in Christianity. We’re given… we have deposited within us a passion to change our world. That fire that burns within our heart of hearts ushers us to discover both “the joy of being part of God’s revolution and our unique place within it”.
It is easy for the world to dismiss the enthusiasm, the “idealism” of youth. …but what is life without dreams? What is life without hope? What is life without a hunger, a fire, a passion?

The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deepest hunger meet. – Frederick Buechner

Who am I to dismiss what has been ordained for me? Who am I to dismiss my own dreams? Who am I to stifle the groaning in my heart that has been breathed into my soul?

The world today speaks of instant gratification. Yes, that concept that seems to haunt us at every corner. Why work at your craft, at your dreams behind the scenes where no one sees? Why when you can get ‘instant results’?
We all know patience and perseverance are admirable, but how often do we see it now?

“…to sacrifice, for example, five or six years of [your] ebulliently youthful life to hard, difficult studies, to learning, in order to increase ten-fold [your] strength to serve the very truth and the very deed that [you] loved and set out to accomplish.” – Dostoevsky

One challenging idea set forth in Killing Lions was the idea that the journey is not the destination.

How often do we say that the journey itself is the most important thing or something similar? And then we tell ourselves it’s okay and settle for a cheap knock-off version of our hopes and dreams.

But here it is: the journey will never match up to the destination (your dreams!).
Don’t sell-out. Don’t settle. Don’t lose heart.

Sometimes it’s not so much “how will I get to my dream?” but rather, “how can I become the person I need to be to realize that dream?”. If we’re not ready and we hasten the process, I fear we might tarnish what we seek. How can we become individuals who can handle our precious dream, the treasure that we seek? The journey speaks of growth, change, a baptism of fire.

Let the journey shape you into that person… but never lose sight of hope.

We’re afraid of losing what we have, whether it’s our life or our possessions and property. But this fear evaporates when we understand that our life stories and the history of the world were written by the same hand. – Paulo Coelho (The Alchemist)

We are in the midst of a constant, raging battle for souls. Don’t be blinded to it.
Life is not linear. It’s never as clear-cut as getting from A to B. But I know the One who holds the universe, who holds my life in His hands.

Questions I’ll have to ponder over:
1) Who am I?
2) What are my passions, hopes and dreams?
3) How can I allow the Father to mould me into the person who can handle and guard those dreams?
4) What does this “person” look like?

Look out for Part 2


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