keep moving forward.

I think I’ve said this to a select few.
I do like and enjoy being on placement, being able to actually touch lives daily in big and small ways.
But it’s the post 12-week mark which always seems to get me.

Every morning I pray for His hand to be upon me, for His favour and blessing in clinic. With the healthcare professionals, with the patients, with the support staff, with the patients’ carers etc.

I ask that my heart will be fixed upon Him. I ask that my heart will be fully committed. I ask that my life will speak of the God, the Father that I know – to speak of love, hope, a future etc. I pray that my life will carry the aroma of the knowledge of Christ.

Honestly. I am a bit tired. Okay a little weary. Maybe it’s just the winter onset.

But to look further ahead, to look towards the future. To not be led by my body nor my soul, but to be a spirit-led individual. To not be swayed by convenience or emotions, but to hold on to what I know is truth.

Come on. 3 weeks. Almost there.


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