Why Writers Love Coffee Shops

Is it me or has someone been scrutinizing my life? :O
Although I’m not sure whether I’d call myself a writer, but there you go.

Thought Catalog

Writers love coffee shops.

We like to watch people. We’re the type of people who note, and remember, specific details.

We notice if you look anxious. Don’t worry, they will show up.

We speculate on what number date you are on. We wonder what will come after date number three.

We listen to the rapid-fire conversation you are having with your mom or best friend.

We store this information for times when we are lacking in our own experiences.

We need our coffee.

We meant to go to sleep by 11, but we were probably up until 2 AM, because that’s when our best writing happens. It’s when we’re a little delirious, a little emotional, and a little crazy. There are countless nights when our lights are out, and our laptops shut down, but our minds keep running. We can’t allow sleep to steal a crucial paragraph or even a…

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