the need for pain/falling apart.

It has been a painful week. It’s been a while since I just feel like hiding under the covers and wallowing for a bit. Someone once told me I need to let myself fall apart when I have to. But easier said than done, ain’t it?

Pain builds character – that’s what I’m telling myself this week. Hahaha sometimes I am amazed at my optimism.

But yeah, looking at the bigger picture, this is merely a little blip. A little dip.

To fully appreciate the mountains, you must first trudge through the valleys. To fully appreciate the highs, you must first experience the lows. To fully appreciate the warmth, you must first brave the cold. To fully appreciate the light, you must first lose yourself in the darkness.

In that same vein, I’ll learn to fall apart and appreciate the process. So that I can be held back together again. Stronger than before.

vulnerability. brokenness.
healing. joy.
it’s after all – the journey that is life.


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