writing from the heart

I know, second post in a day.

But something just happened and I don’t want to forget this moment.


It’s still early but I was writing something for mum’s birthday, which always comes right after Mother’s Day (always makes things easier haha.)

I thought I was going to be pulling at straws for content as always – since telling people how I feel about them never seems to be my strongest suit.

Admittedly the first couple of lines were standard Van-awkward stuff.

…then something clicked.

No idea if it was because for some reason, I decided writing in mandarin might help. I tend to be more expressive/emotive writing in mandarin. Perhaps that’s why the lyrics in mandarin songs tend to speak to something deep inside.

But yeah, the writing became really heartfelt.

And halfway through, the tears flowed and the tugging in my heart became so real.

It was a foreign feeling. I’ve never had such a feeling before – to write from such a deep place in my soul/heart, that the emotions just rose to the surface.


I don’t know if I’ll post the letter up on such a public domain – but if you’re interested, ask me and I might show it to you.

But yeah. That was…new.


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