small victory.

God works in the big things as well as the tiny things. He is concerned about me; He is always thinking about me.

The best thing? He is always, always with me. So close He just needs to whisper to me.


Did 1 plaster cast of a transtibial patient yesterday while shadowing V in the clinic. Pretty nervous, seeing I was doing it under supervision and well, I haven’t done a proper cast in a while. Thankfully it went alright – just not as close a cast as I would like but I think it was a case of nerves and getting used to the “oh-my-gosh-this-is-so-amazing” plaster bandages compared to the not-so-great ones at university.

Was filling up the plaster negative cast to make a plaster mould (positive cast) of the patient’s residuum and I put the mandrel in (basically a pole in the middle of the positive cast for the liquid plaster to set around so that I can fix the positive model later on in a clamp/jig for rectifying later.

And of course, I forgot to vaseline the mandrel… duh.

Which meant it was stuck in the model later on and I couldn’t get the model off it. And I was struggling to peel off the exterior plaster bandages which I no longer need. Well, I did manage to strip half of it off.

So I went into the office and confessed I did something “stupid” – forgot to vaseline the mandrel. Thankfully the prosthetists were understanding and were like “oh it happens! Don’t worry, the plaster tends to expand initially when it first sets. You can probably pull it off the mandrel when it cools down. You can finish it off next Tues. Although the dry plaster will mean the plaster bandages will adhere very tightly to the model and you’ll have problems trying to strip it off. But don’t worry!”

But oh well, stubborn me went back to continue stripping the bandages, since I could still do that with the mandrel in the cast, albeit at awkward angles since I couldn’t maneuver properly with that mandrel in the way.

After “fighting” with the plaster mould for a bit, I was a bit like roarrrrrrr why did I forget. And I prayed and said “God, I prayed this morning for excellence at my craft. And right now, I need a bit of help here.”

And I continued. Somehow I managed to summon strength from somewhere to strip off more bandage and when I was left with the last bit at the end…

The plaster cast just pulled off the mandrel while I struggled with the bandages!

I was like YESSSSSSSS (and the last bit of bandage did come off as well!)


Me: God, You are awesomeeeeeeee! -dances around the tiny plaster room-

-goes to office-

Me: V, I won! -victory arms in the air- I finished it off!

V: Did you pull it off the mandrel? …and strip it?!

Me: Yesssssss!

V: Good job!


I love it when God comes through like that. Especially when it was just the 2 of us in that plaster room while I fought and struggled and perspired away. Small victories, so sweet πŸ˜€


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