Oxford musings.

So I was in Oxford for a day to move my barang down and travelling alone meant I had a lot of time to launch myself in to a lot of mind-wandering and writing 😉

Pardon the jumbled up thoughts. I just wrote random things that I felt like writing as I went about the day.


#1 Preset

All set for a crazy writing day.

Myself & God. Wandering around beautiful Oxford.


Journeying is always good when you’ve got no planned itinerary.


#2 Rave

Was just imagining how we praise so loudly, raving, lifting the Name of Jesus. (thoughts of !Audacious, Hillsongs, Planetshakers)… and we think wow, that’s nuts. That’s pumped.

[Well, I think the thought about raving came from doing DNA at Courses Night in church the other day, further imprinted by the devotional series we’ve just started on – where we are looking at the different words the Bible uses for ‘praise’. One of them is HALLAL – crazy praise.

Definition from the Strong’s Concordance:
HALLAL – “to be clear, to shine, to boast, show, to rave, celebrate, to be clamorously foolish.”

Psalm 150:1-2 – Praise (Hallal) the Lord!  Praise (Hallal) God in his sanctuary; praise (hallal) him in his mighty heaven!  Praise (Hallal) him for his mighty works; praise (hallal) his unequaled greatness!

So yes, raving is biblical. Well, when you rave about Jesus :P]

But if I didn’t recall wrongly, God sings over us. He dances, rejoices over us. Can you imagine the crazy dance party He throws 24/7 when He rejoices over us?!

Now that is why we praise. That for all the imperfections we embody, He celebrates us. How much more should we respond to that with all we’ve got?

Not merely during corporate worship, but personal; Not just the songs, but in the way we live.

Such that people see our good deeds and glorify our Father in heaven.

In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. (Matthew 5:16)


#3 Cup of paradise

Sometimes I feel like if

I could somehow

blend & swirl

my favourite

greens, blues, browns

into a coffee mug

That’d be perfect.

(and this is where I lamented the fact I wish I could paint/draw well enough to depict the image in my head. Imagine looking at a coffee mug top-down on a wooden table, yup typical cafe sight. But instead of just coffee, imagine a swirl of colours – the greens, blues and browns of nature blending and swirling into each other.)


#4 The Missing Bean, Turl St, Oxford

Finally moved in, realised I did have a lot of stuff provided for – house stuff by landlord like pots and pans and bedding, amenities close by like gym + parks + a whole plethora of shops (Morrisons, Sainsburys, Tesco, Co-op, Subway, Greggs, Starbucks etc.). And I might not even need the gym, seeing my surroundings 🙂 Time to hit the pavements!

Heehee loved how the aroma of freshly roasted/brewed coffee wafting down Turl St brought a 🙂 to my face as I approached The Missing Bean.

(and getting a free flat white for a late bagel? awesome. dream come true.)

3 flat whites. 1 bagel. Eheheh.


Funny how I always end up offering/agreeing to sharing a table when I’m at TMB. Perhaps because it’s always so busy. Or perhaps I’m always here alone.

But it’s a great way to meet people I would think, being a cafe-hopper. All walks of life.

Cafes are where lives intersect/pass by each other. Dp


#5 Quiet

Anyway, reading Quiet by Susan Cain and being reminded by J about things I write – paraphrased: “You’re quiet but actually a lot goes on in there [my mind].”

I guess it’s true when I was writing regularly, a lot of thought-processing and reflective time happened.

Got to be careful not to go overboard though… too much introspection tends to get me emo-ish and aloof and “forget the rest of the world”-ish.


#6 Happy

Happiness is simple. We just like to complicate things.

Perspective. Contentment.


#7 Wanderer

Merely wandering Oxford streets puts me in a good mood. Perhaps it’s the weather, the sun. Maybe the coffee 🙂

It’s busy. Understandably for a weekend – tourists, students and the usual weekend hustle and bustle.

But being able to wander without worry…appreciating the history, architecture, the pulse of this city. Amazing.


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