Fan into flame.

Started reading ‘The Journals of Jim Elliot’ as part of my ‘fan into flame’ thing. Well, it basically me trying to stir my heart I guess haha. I mean even from the first 3 journal entries he wrote in junior high, there’s no denying the degree to which he desired for more of God. How he started to diligently journal because he was dissatisfied with the condition of his time spent with God (“…convicted me that my quiet time with God is not what it should be.”) How he journalled daily, sometimes twice. How he was working through the Bible with such discipline – going through chapter by chapter.

He used to “[get] up early in the morning in order to have uninterrupted time for prayer and Bible study, but it was not until his junior year that he began to keep a journal as a means of self-discipline. Forcing himself to articualte something on paper helped him to concentrate and gave direction to his devotional times.” Lol, Jim Elliot was already getting up early daily to have QT and he was like : “No, not good enough.” Which puts me to shame yikes. I remember I used to do the same – back in Secondary 2, when I was hungry and what you would call a ‘young Christian’. Every morning, it was so refreshing and exciting to just find a quiet deserted corner in the dark school campus and just read the Bible + pray + journal. No one was around to distract and it was just me, the Bible and God. I do miss that. Hurhur time to do something about it.

Thinking back, that was the time when I recall my faith growing at such a pace sometimes I felt it was getting ‘out of hand’. I was finding myself in situations that just left me like ‘what?! what do I do now?’ or ‘this is growing into something too big for me to handle.’. But it was exciting – which is what life with Jesus is supposed to be! Taking up the cross and stepping out of the boat daily.

Was just playing the DVD from the new Planetshakers album ‘Endless Praise’. (Heh we got an ‘exclusive’ release ahead of most of the world because Ps Neil Smith brought copies along just this past Sunday when he came to preach.) But the one clip he shared from the DVD – a moment of inspired worship was so powerful.


Above: Just part of the ‘song’ but included this for some visuals.

Above: the full recording of the moment

We are made for love.

I mean, how crazy is that.

God, like you know God of the heavens and the earth, made US for love. To love us. To have relationship with us.

Jesus, the Son of God, came down and made the ultimate sacrifice to restore that.


But there are so many… so many people are going around believing that they are worthless, broken, unworthy, unloved, tossed aside…

When they are not.

They are loved.

They are desired.

They are pursued relentlessly.

They are valued.

We are made for love.


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