morning song.

Here I am, at Your feet

In my brokenness complete

– Unashamed (Starfield)

The bridge was ringing in my head constantly during one of the interludes during praise & worship yesterday morning.

I don’t understand it yet, but memories of the past keep welling back up. Memories of the past being the God-related stuff: the times I was afraid but prayed for and with a friend, the times I was caught unawares and ended up sharing the Gospel, the times I took on crazy things like running a marathon…etc. All the times God challenged and pushed me to a level I never envisioned.

And this morning… I don’t remember the words or the melody.. but I think for the first time, I genuinely had a God-inspired song of worship.

The words came. The melody came. It just. Flowed.

Just a couple of lines. But that alone was… so real, so near, from the deepest recesses of my heart.

Jesus, the name like no other.


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