I think it’s true for me that it’s difficult to write when I’m in a generally happy state. Maybe because you’re more interested in enjoying the moment. Rather than capturing it – whether in writing, photos or film.

Then why am I writing this?

Liquid inspiration. Hurhur a bit of gin and tonic on a Tuesday night never hurt anyone. Well, for one, we did work hard the past two days making a shoe. A shoe. Yes, just one side. Hahaha talk about newfound respect for shoemakers. You need to be so patient and meticulous. I’d make a pretty bad shoemaker. Well, I guess a lot of shoes nowadays are made by machines rather than people. But still, there are shoemakers out there still – just not as many as before. Fact: there used to be approximately 10000 shoemakers in the UK at the start of this century, but only 4000 remain today. (Totally took this off my lecture notes :P)

But anyway, thanks to all the union strikes going on… I’ve found myself having a pseudo-weekend in the middle of the week. Only a clinic session with a patient on Friday to keep me busy the rest of this week yay!

And yes, why happy?

Perhaps it seems like a lot of things have been falling into place recently. And I’m generally happier, since so many people keep telling me that. I’m enjoying being at uni, have great housemates, and church community has always been amazing. Well, talking about church…

Being at !Audacious has been refreshing. In the sense that I really feel part of the community. Like I’m being supported and loved. Like being with family. Serving has been really enjoyable and I love doing it. I genuinely look forward to serving, even if it means getting up early. Yeah, getting up early! Now that’s a radical change haha. (Well although truth be told, I’m an early riser in the UK. Not so much when I’m back home in SG heh.) How God has met me here in UK has been truly mind-blowing as well!

Hmm… another key thing that’s been great is how friendships have evolved. It’s like how people like to meet up in the UK even though we might not even hang out that much back home in SG. For some reason, being away in a foreign country together makes us closer. Or at least we seem to look out for each other more than usual. And I enjoy it, having conversations and spending time with people I might not spend time with that much in the past. Usually these conversations surprise me with how we become more honest and open with each other.

Above all, it’s how the friendships with the ones you are already kinda close that transforms into something that you cherish. When things happen, you run to each other. There’s a renewed sense of being vulnerable with each other – whether it’s the pressures of being away from home or the changes of life that seem to flow and ebb with time. You learn how to be a better friend. You learn how to love others.

Most importantly, you learn how to love yourself.

Isn’t it true? When you think about it, it all boils down to you being away from home, from the comforts you’re accustomed to. You learn how to take care of yourself, not just the day-to-day stuff like food or accommodation…but things like taking care of your inner being. Yes, feeding the soul. Hahaha how self-help is this post going to get?! But yeah you get what I mean.

You learn that sometimes a film is what’s needed to give you some fresh perspective. Perhaps discovering that new band on Noisetrade will add some needed groove to your life. Or that book that’ll set you thinking. More often than not, it might be finding out a shot of whiskey is what you need after a long day. Little things you learn about yourself.

Well, it’s a bit of a hodgepodge post. But oh well, I’m happy.





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