off the top of my head.

Yes, it’s a Chivas night again. Not as much as the other night though. That was nuts.

But that night wasn’t too bad, kinda…liberating. Quite nice to do that once in a while. And I really did have some good convos with some people haha.

Tonight was just… I don’t know, finding some balance?

And controlling impulses. Yes, self-control. Ahaha. No, not drinking impulses if you were thinking that.

Hmm don’t know, don’t think I’ve had enough tonight.

But housemate has her friend over tonight and they are baking macarons in the kitchen. Kinda weird if I trudge down right now to get a bottle. Hm. Dilemma. Maybe I should just wait till they go to bed. But by then, the Chivas effect would have faded. Sighpie.

Yup, nothing much to read here tonight. Just a random rant about drinking. Lalala…


Got that beer in the end. Not as awkward as I thought. Had some funky macarons heehee.

Finally got my head on the table and I can’t get up without some effort. Time to stop.

Heehee. Can’t have me lying on the floor for a bit like the other night. Heh.

Although I might say, lying on the floor is seriously comfortable. Really.


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