blown away.

Currently sitting in my room listening to this and being blown away. It’s Ps Sophia’s sermon on the Sunday I missed. Honestly, I’m just sitting here going ‘Wow.. wow… wow…’ while the tears roll down my face.

I don’t even know what to say about it. Just go listen.

And I’ll just put down the bits I managed to write down in words.

Think of the whole line of people, of heroes who paid the price for you to be here. People who said ‘Yes’ when they could have said ‘No’, and ‘No’ when they could have said ‘Yes’.

We are here because someone ran their race, someone went before us.

There’s a nation within each of us. The baton is in your hands.

See temptation for what it is – the devil wanting to take you out. Don’t be a fool – maturity and wisdom is not reserved for the older people. Stupidity comes in all ages.

In a relay race, the first runner doesn’t win until the last runner runs. (Referring to Hebrews 11:39) The cloud of witnesses sowed in faith, so that we can reap the harvest. They are waiting. They are rooting for us to run our race.

I am significant.

And I will run the race.


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