spent in a good way.

Spent the day in church today, hanging out with the !Audacious fam. Think I might actually be breaking out of my shell, just a little, seeing how I talked a little more than usual. Also explains why I’m so tired now after getting home at 9.

Yes, at 9. Who is this person? Gosh.

I think one of the good things being at !Audacious is that they create the environment where people can worship freely. And there’s an energy in the atmosphere. It’s like immediately energy just coursing through my veins and I just can’t help but jump around (occasionally even when I’m just walking down the aisle to find a seat).

Sat in the AV/sound booth during AM service just to observe what they do and it was funny in a way because they somehow ended up having the craziest day where things kept going wrong. H had to turn around at the end of service and say “Forget all of that. It’s usually not this crazy.” Bahaha. I think I know where I might be heading for during Thurs’ Creative Training Night though.

Probably AV and lights, assuming they think I can handle learning both at the same time. Because just watching the lights guy work, it’s like he’s the magician. How the colours of the lights change and how the lights pulsate, flash and flicker. It’s amazing that. And how the things on the screen come together through the AV team. How the people in the booth collaborate to bring the service together. Things that people don’t immediately think of – like how the background video on the slides should match the lights coming on. Which song should go with which lights and subsequently the background video again. When does what go on the screen. Just, wow.

Might have just found where I can plug in.

And there’s the part about sensing God in the service even though I’m sat right at the back in the booth.

Just. Boom.


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