heavy thought for a friday morning.


Been thinking about life… and death really. Heavy for a Friday morning I know, probably wasn’t the smartest idea to watch Glee’s FInn Hudson/Cory M’s memorial episode over breakfast. (haha yes I watch Glee…)

But yeah, people pass on. People leave. People fade out. I don’t know… why we don’t say what we meant to say. Why we hold back from the hugs that we felt like giving. Why we settle for a fist bump or a high five or a random pat on the shoulder. Why we believe there’ll be another chance and another and another… and leave ourselves so vulnerable to regret.

Thought of so many people. Had Set Fire To The Rain playing because it reminded me of the bros. I don’t know, time seems to slip by too quickly. And my feelings and skills at expressing them seem highly retarded.

Thought of home. Thought of the friends I want to keep forever and ever and ever and ever. -exhales-


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