My wordpress is becoming too gloomy. Time to cut through the bitterness, let’s go!

Well, I think one BIGGGGG thing that has been uplifting this summer is soccer. I never expected myself to keep going back to train with the juniors. But I guess my returning time and again speaks for itself. Training with the juniors… It brings back the happy memories of running free and being with my people 🙂

Sure, it brings back some sucky memories of what could have been, but the good definitely outweighs the bad! Little things like finally being able to do the drill while piggybacking someone was a small victory in itself, since I couldn’t do that in my own time.

Being able to get back on the pitch, play some soccer, do some runs, sharing some laughs… Unexpected highlight of my summer!

(and oh my gosh, maybe playing in their friendly. Throw face later. Oops.)


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