long walks.

I have a thing for long walks. Quiet walks.

Deep in thought, or spaced out.

Plugged in, or not. Looking about, or not.

And sometimes I think, maybe all I’m looking for is someone who’ll get it. Who’ll take these walks the same way as I do, someone who gets it.

Leaves crunching beneath my feet.

There was a moment today, when I was faced with a small crossroads – shorter route home or the long way around.

I could feel my inner self pulling my body away from the shorter cut, swerving my body towards the long winding road to the platform where I chilled for a bit.

In that moment, I wanted to be alone. Or at least, not home that soon.

Steps bringing me closer to the truth.

Perhaps all the twists and turns the last couple of months were all part of trying to let go.

Think the biggest lie told was when I told myself I have let go finally.

Have I?

After this week… I think not.

Subconsciously counting; now consciously.

We seem to tell ourselves the biggest lies. Sad, ain’t it?


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