I can’t wait to go home.

Year One drew to a close with the final examinations today. Walking back to iQ with C so she could collect packing boxes from my place and I was jumping/hopping/dancing/whatever on the way back, exclaiming and laughing away. C said: “You’re full of joy!” And yeah, I am πŸ™‚

Ben Liebing puts it down so well in this Thought Catalog article:

Home became sweet to me because it was so far away for so long. Distance gave me perspective. But I don’t have it down perfectly. I’m still learning to be where I am, whether that’s near or far, home or abroad. Some people say that you can be at home wherever you are. Maybe. But I like keeping home as it is – a fixed reality of one place, singular and steady; a port of call for a restless soul. Home is the framework that makes it all possible, the steady harbor, the friend that will always have you back no matter how long you’ve been gone.

Home might feel distant right now… I know I’ve been struggling a little, trying to figure out what I’m feeling about home and returning home. But despite of all that, home is after all…home. It is the constant – well, other than God. It’s where I know I can always return to and where I’ll fit right back in.

But will I fit right back in?

Things are bound to have changed.

Whatever it is, I am still me. I believe so.

It’s confusing sometimes, this disconnect between Manchester and Singapore. But hey, once I’m home, it don’t matter πŸ™‚ People do, and I’ve got people back home.

But having said so, I thank God for the people I’ve found here – at Audacious! Church, uni, flatmates, old Singaporean friends made new, etc. Life aboard is never easy, but knowing a God who’s bigger than has got my back? Makes it a whole lot easier.

Thank you for holding me throughout this year – through the good, the bad and the inbetween.


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