Moments from today.

Watching people giving their lives to Christ for the first time. Always amazing. But more importantly, as we applauded the people going into the front to be prayed for… I thought of Grace. How her chapter on earth has ended – although short, it’s well-lived. And how at the same time, these people… their chapters have only just begun. I thank God for that. That He alone holds our beginning and our end, and well, there’s no end in Christ. Just a different chapter; a better chapter in Heaven. That all our days have been ordained.

Introducing my Korean coursemate and her Korean friends to a Korean dude at church because he doesn’t speak much English. Just watching him converse with them is just so :’).

Catching Sir Alex Ferguson’s and Paul Scholes’ final home game at Old Trafford for Manchester United. No words can describe their contributions, especially Sir Alex’s. I cried, again and again. Whether it was before the match, during the 2 goals, after the match, during Sir Alex’s speech in the rain, or the trophy presentation when Vidic and Evra passed the trophy over to him so he could lift the 20th title. :’)

From BBC Sport (2013)

From BBC Sport (2013)



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