Spent the day getting boxes for me and my next-year housemates and did some packing.

It’s amazing how you can arrive with 2 suitcases of stuff and end up with boxes and boxes of stuff. Hmm.


Boxes. Not all of them mine, just saying.

But is there life in the box? I mean, first year is ending and… did I live life?

Uni-wise, I’ve learnt a lot – both in uni and on placement. The thought of having to go on two 4-month placements next year scare me a little though. Feels like they’re throwing us into the deep end, but I guess with my course, there’s only so much they can teach us in uni. Gotta throw us out there to learn on the job… Okay I’m going to be expectant. Come on!

I did some travelling – by myself, with a friend/friends/etc. Spent a lot of time with my dslr. Saw the sights, met people – have to admit travelling does change something inside. That was good πŸ™‚

Spiritual life-wise, … I don’t know. But I guess the answer of ‘I don’t know’ in itself is an indication of how it is. I guess I got lazy, as always. However a big part of it is realising how amazing it is that as screwed up as we are, God still loves us. Hahaha must be pretty frustrating being God. Just saying, if I had to watch myself mess up all the time, yeah I’d smash the proverbial TV screen in. Ka-pow! But He loves us. Oh how He loves us. Hmm pretty good knowing He loves us all the same. Pretty mind-blowing every single time.

Maybe summer will be a good time to regroup. It’s funny how it sounds so strategic. Regrouping. Probably get back to running hmm. Or something painful. I always become more motivated after experiencing some pain. Okay stop it, I sound like some masochist. I guess I just need something to jolt me into action. Good crazy, I NEED YOU.

As a person, I think I’ve changed definitely. I know I was writing about not being sure of whether I’ve changed or not, but now it’s about whether more for the good or the bad.

Now, I’m more accustomed to spending time alone. Might have killed my social skills or made me a tad bit reserved, but it’s made me more introspective/reflective. I feel more stable, rooted in myself. But at the same time, I’m more ready to talk/share things. The walls are still up, but I guess they are getting chipped away. Real slow, but yeah, getting chipped away.

I’ve been questioning myself a lot though. Part of beingΒ pensive? Hmm maybe I’m not as rooted or stable as I thought…

Too much has transpired this past year.

Alright stop it, regrouping is much needed. I’ll save that for summer.

T-minus 14 days to re-entry.


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