When Being Perfect Isn’t Enough


And especially this,
“My uncle once told me that judging God by the actions of his followers (aka aforementioned “church people”) is like judging Beethoven’s music by hearing a kindergardener try to play Symphony No. 5 on the piano.”

We may fail, but it doesn’t diminish or take away from the greatness of our God. Thankfully.

Thought Catalog

Today I was having a particularly self-absorbed day. I was diligently stewing in distaste for the inordinate amount time I’m required to spend with myself. In addition to my self loathing over substantial writer’s block, I’m a bridesmaid in my friends wedding in 3 weeks and I’m convinced my arms look like they belong on a chubby baby. I’m roughly 2 unpleasant scale experiences away from semi-permanently swaddling myself in saran wrap.

That’s no exaggeration. I was unhappy with the number on my scale this morning, so at lunch I walked 5 blocks to the gym exclusively for the purpose of weighing myself to see if the number had dropped in the past 7 hours. Walking out of the locker room I realized that since I’m not competing in a weight loss reality show for large sums of money- nor am I Rocky Balboa, that weighing myself in increments measured…

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