Go Tell Someone You Love Them

Thought Catalog

People fall through the cracks of our lives and fade into the background like the fuzzy grey screen at the end of the VHS when you fell asleep watching a movie as a kid. It rocks us to sleep, in a way, and lulls us into a sense of complacency. We just get used to them, and imagine that their existence in our life is something permanent, something we’re entitled to.

Sometimes we let voicemails from our relatives sit in our inboxes. We say, “Ahh, I’ll get to it later, I have things to do.” And you really think you’re going to get to it. But just like that tab on your browser that you put aside with intentions to attend to shortly, you eventually just forget. It goes almost unnoticed, a slight too small to really be angry about, but something that surely cuts in a small way.


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