drawing a blank.

Was watching a clip about how people pursue things they truly loved to do as if money was not a factor… and I got worried.

Thinking about what I would do, I drew a blank.

No thoughts of Prosthetics and Orthotics. No thoughts of God. No thoughts of… anything.

Sense of urgency coursing through me.

Maybe, maybe it’s just not the right time.

Perhaps my brain isn’t working right now.

But that worry is still at the back of my head and as I type this, it surfaces from the deep, taunting me.

“Are you doing what you love?”

Am I?

Remind me of my first love Lord.

Bring to mind the previous struggles, the road that led me here. Everything that has happened in my life to lead me up to this.

You led me to the path less travelled, the path not seen by many.

You allowed all the experiences – the painful ones, the sad ones, the triumphant ones – that moulded me into who I am today. And who I will become.

Fill me up with Your Spirit again Lord, for I am weak and lost.






there’s still beauty in the breakdown after all…

rewind, replay.


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