My own lessons in being happy despite being homesick

(yeah homesickness comes when you least expect it. pangs of homesickness can strike you where it hurts.)

1) Listening to Singapore’s radio stations. Especially AM shows. Brings back memories of heading to school early in the morning and in the dark. Ahhh…

2) Turn up the music for an impromptu dance sesh. Even if you can’t dance, jumping around randomly really gets the endorphins flowing hehe!

3) Think about happy/hilarious happenings from the past – P’nut kidnappings, hanging with the bros, RJ soccer etc.

4) …and definitely think about the people who make you smile/laugh

5) Jump around somemore. Yes, that wasn’t enough. Now get off your chair!

6) Watch something funny/entertaining – Running Man totally saved me in my first semester hahaha. Along with How I Met Your Mother, Grey’s Anatomy etc. Or TED talks!

7) Eat.


8) Grab a good drink and chill out to good music

or even…

9) Catch a good football match in real life/online

10) Reading the news of what’s happening in Singapore

11) Or even simply checking the weather and wow-ing at the double digits?!

12) – so much more I haven’t found out –

13) Last but definitely not least, give thanks to the God for the life that I have.

For the good and the bad and the in-betweens.


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