it will get better.

My twitter update at 2:23am: “睡到笑醒。 woke up laughing haha, only dreams of the joker soccer girls and the sec3+4 girls can do that lol lol lol”

And it was true. I really woke up laughing in the middle of the night. So much so that I had to tweet about it instantly. Because for that dream, at the moment, I was happy. Really happy 🙂 It was a weird mash up of the soccer girls and my sec 3/4 classmates, but I guess I found a lot of happy moments spending time with them.

But it was awesome. Laughing after spending a couple of days in the funk.

And the Boston bombings tragedy…

It still feels far away. But so close because we are humanity. And we’ve got people we care about in the US as well. My thoughts are in a jumble. How we take safety for granted living in Singapore vs how now being in the UK/US/Australia or other parts of the world we realise we’ve been so well taken care of. And also the fear and the sorrow and the anger and all the emotions. The madness behind all of it. The broken bodies, broken hearts, broken lives, broken families…and the list goes on.

And how… we have a Hope – Jesus Christ. It will get better. Because the battle’s already won.

In the midst of all the fear and the turmoil and the pain, may Your name be glorified.

I know You’re weeping with the broken and binding up the hurt.

and maybe this


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