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barca (800)

2 photos from Barcelona – of shoes/feet/ground. We did a lot of walking this Easter; I feel like a walking rock star haha.

These feet of ours take us from point A to B, around the city, out of the city… even across the globe. The stories they could tell – things we’ve seen, places we’ve been, people we’ve met, even those things/places/people that we hurriedly shuffle past but they have seen it all. Silently.

But this is not about the things/places I’ve seen recently, it’s about the people.

People who’ve walked in and out of my life. People who’ve stayed. People who’ve rallied. People who’ve bared their hearts and souls. People I’ve done the same for.

It may seem like I lead a mundane life – uni and being an international student here in the UK. Or it may seem like I lead an exciting life – uni and being an international student once again. But what’s life without the people? (Well, God is up there for sure, so we don’t even need to talk about this haha!) But in the depths of the night or random moments of the day, I catch myself missing you. You, as in you guys. Sometimes it’s home, sometimes it’s the bros, sometimes it’s the friends and sometimes it’s the random people I’d never thought I’d miss. Which surprises me. …and sometimes, it’s the people I’m trying to forget.

A dark cloud hangs over the brotherhood right now and being so far away… it’s not a great feeling. That moment when you realise you’re too far away to do anything and that your hands are tied. But I’m thinking about you bro, and I’m praying; brotherhood for life.

Times like this I’m thankful, thankful for the people in my life. The criss-crossing of relationships and lives. The intersections of our life stories. How you can be hi-bye with one person, yet pledge to a life of brotherhood with someone else. Listening to that song from our Bintan adventures reminds me of happier times and at the same time, it reminds me of how far we’ve come. Every time I talk about my bros, my heart is glad. How we can: sit and just chill, be ourselves, be totally honest and raw and not be afraid. How time and distance doesn’t seem to change our brotherhood. People, raise a glass of whiskey-ginger ale to the brotherhood, because I love you guys to bits.



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