First night back in my room after a week, but woke up aching all over. Baffling. Maybe being back in my relaxing bubble means I’m succumbing to the accumulated strain over this week. Hmm.

Wrote a lot of random thoughts on the train trip back from Oxford. Filled 2 whole pages in 30min – shocking. But most of it too raw to go on here haha. And it’s scribbly and scratchy.

Trying to type out my notes from the past 5 days of placement, but obviously I’m distracted. Mostly by the aching, can’t really think when I’m aching all over. Hmm. But yay for good conversations over the past week πŸ™‚

Saw many interesting and cool patients in clinic and learnt loads from the orthotists and technicians at the centre in Oxford, definitely hoping to be back for one of my 4-month long placements.

I keep going back and forth in my thoughts, explains the fragmented post. But I think I can live my life sitting in a spot and floating away in my thoughts. Highly possible. Enjoying solitude a bit too much.


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