It has been 4 days in Oxford and staying at a backpackers has been alright. Always thought it’d be much worse but I guess there’re the good and the bad in everything. Place is clean, regularly tidied by the staff – always see them cleaning the showers/dining area in the day and the night. Guess it’s just the time I’m up and about.

But back to why I’m even here in Oxford – placement at Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre (Orthotics). It’s been pretty awesome. Getting to see both clinic and workshop functioning and having friendly staff talk me through things I’ve been seeing. Learning about how to talk to patients and the clinical side of things has been eye-opening. There’s so much to know, so much to learn – even when you’re qualified you’re still learning. 

And as always, there’s an unspoken hierarchy mindset with some of the orthotists and the technicians. Not here at Nuffield though, just one of the technicians telling me about his previous working experience at other centres. Just brings to mind how much the technicians and us have to communicate to make sure we come up with the best product for the patient. Obviously we write the prescription, but they make it happen. And yeah, I’ve got to remember this – teaming up with the technicians instead of just chucking an order in. They’ve got expertise with the machinery and the materials and how the products are actually manufactured and assembled. Always involve the experts!

Hmm… got just a day more to go. Gah, wished I could get 2 weeks here at Oxford. Well… there’s always my 4-month placement to think about 😉


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