a week.

It’s been a flat week. Like seriously, I can’t remember what I did with my life this week. Other than meeting ‘god-like genius’ Johnny Marr, former Smiths guitarist – yes, he won an award for being a god-like genius haha.

But other than that, I feel like I’ve let this week slip by me. 1 more week of actual uni to go > 2 weeks of placement > 3 weeks of Easter break with Jo-ann and Val > 2 weeks of uni > exams > home. All I want to do is to skip right on to home.

Home. I’ve got no idea what’s waiting when I get back. The world does move on without you. And there’s that whole thing about not getting summer break next year… I rue my bad memory – I don’t remember people’s voices. I can’t remember what my parents/Val sound like. But at the same time, my reluctance to skype/whatsapp baffles me. My lack of excitement for Easter as well. I really don’t know why. Believing that home will help me find my footing again.

I try submitting myself to quietness and stillness. I strain to listen to where my heart is pulling me. Nothing. Like a poisonous void.

Perhaps I do know what might be bugging me, taking up all this… emotional energy. Something I don’t want surfacing, something I don’t want to admit. Stop slipping up and get on with it. There’s more to life.

I believe there is more.

One other thing, discovered Passenger’s music. Good stuff, can’t stop listening.


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