Today’s an interesting day. Couldn’t get to uni so I stayed in to watch videos of AFO (ankle-foot orthoses) casting and rectification, credits to Joe. It’s awesome how my lecturer goes the extra mile to upload hour long videos (yes,
videos) of the entire process and explains the entire thing clearly. Even though I wasn’t there today, I felt like I didn’t miss much, other than actually doing it for myself. Which some may argue is the bulk of my learning. Well, true…

But so I ended up having a glass of Pinot Noir at 3 in the afternoon + more with/after dinner. And dinner was an amazing beef joint with onion + red wine gravy. Straight out of the pack though, oven cooked. That was amazing though. Have another portion saved for tomorrow. Yay!

Watched 1 or 2 movies and now listening to the Smiths, who are good and incidentally a Manchester band. I am now in a whole new world hahaha. And reading random posts on Thought Catalog. The life huh. (add Keane into the mix as well)

Hmm… I guess today was a whole load of relaxation time. I just wonder if I’m trying to numb something, in an outside-looking-in kinda way, cause I know sometimes I get like that. Oh well, we’ll see.

Actually, nothing of substance here today. Just a whole lot of ‘what-did-I-do-today’.

well, I’m thinking about you, and you, and you. So maybe this isn’t that much of a no-substance post after all.

adding on at 11.40pm
Sometimes I miss having someone I can just sit with for hours without having to talk… And then I remember Jesus.

And in other news, I can hear the crazy drunk kids shouting at each other in the stairwell, upstairs and outside the block. Must be Friday. And now they’re laughing like nobody’s business and going ‘yay yay yay’. I really think these people need to re-learn their definition of fun. Or maybe I don’t get this whole ‘get drunk and be silly’ thing. Oh well… I think I’m no uni student haha.


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