An unconventional, different kind of CNY/LNY – away from home, away from family, away.

Totally forgot peks was coming over from sheffield this morning so I got the shock of my life seeing her whatsapp message, but thankfully met her at victoria station in time to hop on the train for IKEA. Although it was slightly awkward telling chloe and paula that my absence at church this week is not because I can’t get out of bed but because I planned to meet peks today haha. On that note, I’d better get my ass into church next week. That ‘Bigger Than’ series sounds like awesome stuff.

But anyway, on to IKEA, it was… refreshing. Spending time with peks wandering about IKEA and talking about worries, family and random things. Wandering in IKEA looking at furniture + home stuff + food + having meatballs was nice. It was kinda great when I prayed in my head that she’ll find her missing train ticket in Sheffield even though we both agreed it would be quite impossible to find it on the floor. But hey, she did find it after all. Texted me when she went back to sheffield to attempt searching. Amazing stuff.

Add to all of that being in the crowds at disappointing Chinatown and succumbing to the shelves of Chinese food in the supermarket. Well, although it was a weird kind of CNY/LNY, it was awesome that someone remembered that I’m here in Salford, spending CNY alone without any Chinese/Singaporean friends. It was good that.

Good times. Plus Manchester United beat Everton 2-0 in a thrilling match. That was the cherry on top. Haha… cherry on top. What in the world am I writing? I must be bored out of my head, I must be. At the end of the day, I feel alone. I know I’m not. But, in this moment, yeah I feel alone. Add on the fact that I won’t get summer break/any long holidays next year. And I’ll be spending my 21st in the UK. Sigh.

Time to seek solace in the one place I am bound to find it. Hmm.


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