Today is a good day. Had to go in to uni early at 8.30 to finish my transradial socket in preparation for fitting during clinic, but… it is a good day. Fitting went well – funny how a PFFFF “fart” sound when the socket slides on it means it is a good snug fit. Casting round 2 with a different patient was good as well. It’s great how these patients come in and help us learn so much. It’s true when JH said that he doesn’t really need to be in the clinic room since the patients will teach us what we need to know anyway haha!

Filling the plaster cast and rectification was quick as well so yay! Just hope lamination next thursday won’t be as crazy as yesterday.

Highlight of the day was going to find Joe my friendly lecturer for a chat. It’s true like what he said today that P&O is not the typically uni course…everyone knows everyone and everyone is so friendly and helpful. It’s so easy to just talk to my lecturers about anything and I love that. Gave me some advice about placement and encouraged me my “good results” lol. Hmm… hopefully his spinal surgery goes fine. Prayer would help definitely! Yeah and when do you ever get to talk to your lecturers about stuff like that… like ‘yeah God will look after me and you could send up a prayer as well.” ๐Ÿ™‚ And oh yeah, he refers to Audacious! church as the ‘happy clappy church’ heehee so funny.

Today is a good day.

If only life could be this easy everyday. Hm. ๐Ÿ™‚


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