year 1 sem 2 week 1

Week 1 of Sem 2 has gone by relatively quick… Just a mix of praying a lot + uni + wed night with the soccer girls 🙂

Wed night was really what saved the week for me sorta… being able to meet everyone (london, bristol, sheffield, durham) in the UK is simply amazing. Hanging about at Tesco close to midnight (something I won’t do 1000% of the time) because we are in a group and being harrassed at random moments by creepy people was oddly alright. Because of the company, I was not afraid. And of course, I prayed. Duh. Eating tang yuan together and laughing about ridiculous things we do… life used to be so simple. Hmm.


Uni was alright. Biomech understandly as :/ as usual with the graphs, physics and the maths. Hopefully exams will be good. Anatomy was annoying cos lecturer wasn’t going according to the handbook. Makes me wonder how I’m going to collate my notes. Need structure! Gosh… why provide us an outline if he’s not going to follow it? Sigh, the things that happen in uni baffle me. All the resources/time/effort into collating a handbook and they don’t use it. Oh well, maybe it’s just the first week. Maybe he’ll get on to it next week. Fingers crossed. Material Sci – nothing happened yet, just intro but group presentation doesn’t sound very exciting…

P&O (transradial prostheses) with JH was good. Lessons are keeping me excited and interested, feels like my passion is getting renewed or something. Literally on the edge of my seat during lectures. Good sign. Hahaha in clinic today ,I got confused with Munster and Hybrid casts and made a weird ‘hybrid’ one so now my patient and JH remember me as the Munster…no, Monster person LOL. Not a bad way to make a first impression heh. But I think because of my mistakes, I learnt a lot more and JH’s been real nice about it. Lent me his sharpened curform as well during rectification in the plaster room. A little bit pleased with myself when I returned it to him. He was like ‘Oh! Usually students just pinch it.’ and my patient/classmates were there hehe. Patient was like ‘Good job, Monster.’ -thumbs up- Funny day, today.

(Edit: OH WOW. My patient is actually goalkeeper for the Great Britian Amputee Football squad, played in the 2010 World Cup (Argentina). Cool much.)

…but yeah, back to praying a lot. Pretty surprised by how this burden in my heart’s actually sticking. Haven’t felt like this before/in a long time… something that makes me pray everyday, sometimes twice a day. Not really by conscious choice, just this nagging compulsion to pray. And I feel like the way I pray is changing, evolving maybe. It’s more raw and real and honest… sometimes that’s really what I lack when I pray I think, the willingness to be vulnerable. Because I mean, praying in itself is admitting our human weakness and acknowledging the sovereignty of God and giving in to that. To hand over the imaginary power that we think we have, and surrender ourselves to His purpose.

I haven’t heard from her in 5 days though. Since my last SMS. I just hope she isn’t put off/annoyed/anything. Sigh.

Hard lesson in being broken for a friend. I know I asked for it… to know Your heartbeat. But oh wow, the pain You must feel when we stumble about in life. Must be a million times worse…

Would be real awkward if my placement really puts me in London and I need a place to stay if that’s the case. Haha. That would be a winner.

It really shows how bothered I am though… been blurting stuff out at people I think would understand like C and C. I guess that happens when I don’t have people to talk about such stuff to. Hmm.

Oh wow, not only the way I’m praying is changing. My writing is changing. Oh dear.





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