solo trip. not-so-solo trip.

(photo taken in Oxford)

This is one of my favourite shots from my little 2-week gallivanting which saw me going to Winchester-Oxford-London.

Just looking at it fills me with so much feeling. Different everytime. I guess it’s the vibrancy of the colours. The hope. The joy. The intensity.

Met so many people on my travels. Just a line or two…to conversations over coffee/tea/scones/you name it…to hanging out for days.

My trip is drawing to a close and uni is calling out at me… but I can honestly say now, right now in this moment, my heart is full.

Laughing at things that don’t matter with people who do. In those moments, the world falls away. I can actually feel it fall far, far away.

And my heart is full. So full.

And I am thankful. That there are people who matter. People who unknowingly touch your heart in a deep place.

That is enough. And my heart is full. Really. So full.


solo trip. not-so-solo trip.

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