Manchester/Salford – a new adventure

It’s been about two weeks since I got here to University of Salford and it has been a ride for sure. First night alone after mum flew back was tough but I tided over. I think it was also immediate how I started to pray again after a long hiatus once that distance between me and home started to become so solid and real. Immediately, the image of me walking away and doubling back, dashing back to God (almost comically) appeared in my head. And I’ll have to admit that’s pretty accurate.

But since then, God has carried me through. He has been faithful like always, bringing caring people to me and creating connections for me – school, lecturer Joe, Audacious Church, flatmates etc. And the people I’ve met have been so helpful and willing to help. Even today, I met Monica a librarian who helped me out with the library stuff like computers and wifi settings. Christina, another international coursemate, turned out to be Christian too and eventually visited Audacious Church with me yesterday. We met even more students there and members of the students team.

Surprisingly enough, the day we visited church was their 5th anniversary, which meant partying Audacious style with a jazz&swing band, acoustic band, 8ft choc fountain, candy floss, hot dogs etc. It was well and truly a bonanza. More importantly, I’ve not worshipped as freely as I did in a long while. God has been good to me and definitely, I am looking out for more.

Teach me to seek Your face, because only then will I truly know the Father who calls me His child.


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