29 days

Leaving in 29 days. (Departure for Manchester set for Sept 11 2310h – yeah I changed the flight)

I think all the time waiting for the day to arrive has cut through my excitement. Right now I’m just ready to go and embrace this next phase of life. Sure, making new friends and trying new things and learning about living in a new city will be met with some apprehension…but I’ll get used to it. Just like everyone else.

Seniors from my course, rowing, my flatmates and other freshers have been really welcoming so I don’t foresee much problem settling in and making new friends. And yes, I’m considering picking up rowing while I’m there, can’t say I wasn’t swayed by the longstanding tradition of rowing competitions between rival universities.

Hope I haven’t lost my skills of fast revision and time management – if not I’ll be floundering with schoolwork haha! And definitely, I’ll be keeping an eye out for match tickets for Manchester United. It’ll be an atrocity if I study in Manchester and never went to a match/visited Old Trafford and still call myself a Red Devil.

Keeping in touch with people I don’t really foresee to be an issue. I mean, if they are people you really care about and really can’t spend time apart from, you’d probably find a way to communicate with them regularly. Although living away from home will be a little difficult/scary in the beginning, missing my chillin’ bros will be taking the fun out of chilling too. Well, at least Manchester promises a good drinking culture…but I’ll have to find a new chilling spot since the clubs don’t sound like my kinda hangout.

Will try to keep this wordpress updated, since there’ll be lots to share twitter and facebook won’t be that well-equipped for a deluge of words and photos.


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