Wise words (part 2)

Met Dr Wise Man last night and he shared even more gems…

Anger management tips – closing your eyes (well your mental eyes, kinda rude to close your eyes in the middle of a quarrel lol) and walk away. The one to walk away first is always right – right not referring to whether your stand is right or wrong, but right as in being able to prevent a quarrel and more unhappiness. (but of course, do explain why you walked away afterwards when you’ve calmed down)

Expectations- live up to your own expectations and not those that you expect others to have of you; we think too much about how others see ourselves. Be confident. Be yourself.

One of my favourites: there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.

And I asked him in an email “In this line of work (healthcare), it’s really crucial to be sensitive and understanding and a lot of other things…how do you keep reminding yourself to put your patients’ needs first? And how do you keep yourself going even when doing the same work everyday?”

Compassion and a kind heart are not inborn, but the satisfaction of helping one person will drive you to want help more and that satisfaction will again motivate you to help more.

Doing the same thing everyday, sticking to routine can be boring… Find renewed interest. This takes hard work, but it is up to you to make things interesting; find things that challenge you.
And he shared about him planning to try about robotic legs controlled with his brain in Japan since he “has nothing to lose” even though it would cost $150k.

And the best par of the night was him sharing that our minds are strong. We have strong minds. Willpower is a very strong thing and of course, (even though he is a Buddhist) our faith (Christianity) in the Almighty God is important too. He reminded us to
have faith and belief and rely on the supernatural which we can tap on as Christians.

Cool demonstration: moving metal with sheer willpower and him with his qigong channeling of energy into water that could cause a plumb line to swirl I circles over it. No tricks, just the power of the human mind.

Even now with his condition, he remains positive and compassionate, having motivational talks in hospitals and sharing with the young (which he loves doing)


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