Working like elves

Almost a week of work has gone by and I think I’m beginning to understand why people get tired and dull and other sad states of being you can think of.

Perhaps it’s just the nature of my job (admin in an industrial estate) and so I’ve been doing data entry for 8.5h everyday. I’m convinced I’ll go blind one day and I feel like I’ll be sick if I touch the computer at home.

But refocusing here, these mundane tasks I’ve been getting (data entry, sorting files, etc) have taught me humility. I am just one temp worker doing the tasks that the office needs to clear the unwanted backlog and it’s boring, painful, and sucks out any sense of purpose from within me… This is a great disparity from any job that people might expect a pampered RJ kid to be doing during The Break.

But. I remember how I got here. And I remember the God who’s in control. A God who does things for a reason. A God that does not allow his Word to come back to Him void.

And I go back for another day of endless typing and my search for purpose and living with purpose because I know the God who gives me my Purpose.


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