Time for firsts

I went for the first job interview of my life today and it wasn’t really a real one. The kind with the recruitment agency where you just chat and laugh at random stuff about school and work.

Going for one of them healthcare-related jobs – PSA, PSC etc. And then the guy said that healthcare companies (e.g hospitals) are real stingy and I’ll probably get paid $6-7.50/hour.

Again it struck me: why am I chasing a career in healthcare, in P&O when I
know how little they are paid? (relative to all the jobs that are supposedly available for kids from the elite schools)

It is because of a sense of purpose and of vision like what Seth was telling us about. We chase things that further the kingdom of God, things that we believe He wants for us.

Following Christ has been a journey of self-discovery discovery about myself and of God. A journey to find the purpose/calling that Christ
has for me as mentioned in Jeremiah 29:11.

Before being a Christian, I was just living like the rest of the world. Chasing things that fall away, that are temporal. And as I walk daily on this earth, amongst the multitude, am I merely disturbed by this senseless chase of the world…or is that a nagging tug at my heart as Jesus tries to show me His heart for them? The same heart that led Him to the cross.


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